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  • Do you have an in-house team?

    We have a full-time working team with various types of skills, from Back-End, Front-End, and DevOps. We are working from Monday to Saturday and we also have the supporting member 24/7 to support your business.

  • How to start the project? What do I need to prepare before starting?

    Before starting the project, we need to init 30% of the total budget. We will kick-off the process right after that, and we will have the planning board of full features and timeline for each sprint in Jira

  • How I can know the total status of progress? And the status of each separated feature?

    We use Jira with the Agile Development method, so it's easy for us to track the current status of each feature: who is taking care of this task, when we can get the task for testing, and when it's ready to deploy.
    Our project manager will communicate with you about the progress and how we can deploy the staging app for testing after done with the Slack channel

  • What I will receive once the project is completed?

    You will have the full control version of the project's code, git repo, setup & deployment document, and the live-running application with full-testing in production server (We can use AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Heroku for hosting the app...)

  • Do you support maintenance after the project is done?

    We would love to support for long-term project, like bug fixing and maintenance with reasonable working rate or package option. You can select from package for long-term support. Please contact us for pricing info at [email protected]